Practical advice on how to ride a two-wheeler

Practical advice on how to ride a two-wheeler


Driving two wheels is very often the subject of a persistent debate that creeps into conversations. Some even refer to motorcycles as coffins given the many traffic accidents directly or indirectly involving their drivers. However, it is perfectly possible to drive a motorcycle in complete safety without risking losing your life and your motorcycle in one fell swoop. Indeed, it is a question of prudence and subtlety, which explains the passion of motorcyclists who drive even up to 50 years of their lives.

Why do you have to master the highway code before driving a motorcycle?

It is strongly advised to familiarize yourself with the highway code before driving a two-wheeler. This is not only valid for motorcyclists who have to do urban or congested traffic, it is all the more so for those who have access to spacious roads allowing driving at very high speeds. Indeed, knowing how to control the speed of your bike is the main secret of riding a motorcycle in complete safety. Then the mastery of the Highway Code allows the driver to properly manage the concept of speed on board a motorcycle. Knowing obviously in which corner and when to downshift, to be able to accelerate or to have to brake makes it possible to anticipate traffic accidents while driving a motorcycle.

The last point, having to brake, confirms the importance of mastering the Highway Code because sudden braking is undeniably dangerous, whether for the person using it or for other road users. Consequently, two-wheel enthusiasts and motorcyclists are strongly advised to master all the rules of the road before starting the engine. It is also for this reason and with a view to remedying traffic accidents involving two-wheelers that the Highway Code is further strengthened and updated now. This indicates, among other things, the compulsory obtaining of a certain category of driving license for driving certain models of motorcycles. Thus, for his own safety on the road and that of others, the driver can know exactly the points and the different lines of the highway code. At least he must be aware of everything that directly concerns motorcyclists and two wheels.

Find the right shoe and choose the model of motorcycle adapted to the driver

Putting on shoes that are too small or too big or wearing clothes that are too wide or too thick for you is not always easy. It’s exactly the same for driving a motorcycle. A specific motorcycle model is not necessarily suitable for everyone. The laws of physics oblige, it is necessary to consider the weight of the motorcycle and that of the driver. Indeed, some types of motorcycles are too big for some people and others too small for others. Consequently, the manufacturers even deliver certain models of motorcycles with a safety guide indicating the maximum weight of the driver which is adapted to the type of machines put on the market.

This is often the case with large motorcycles for sale in Madagascar ,unlike small models such as small scooters. It is therefore very important for the driver’s safety to choose the right two-wheeler model. In order to avoid any traffic accident caused by the difference between the weight of the motorcycle, the driver and the wind, its weight must be in accordance with the gear engaged once on the road.