How to repair a car body?

How to repair a car body?


The body of a car is put to the test on a daily basis by being subject to bad weather, shocks and scratches. Vehicles are designed to handle all of this, but over time their condition is affected, requiring repairs. You can do it yourself to avoid expensive bodybuilder labor costs. To do this, find some tips and tricks in our file.

What to do in case of scratched bodywork?

gunIt happens to everyone to have a scratched car body. To remedy this without having to call a professional, you can use different products and devices to choose from depending on the extent of the damage.

For light scratches, get a body pencil. Simply pass it over the defect in order to seal it and protect the bodywork from possible damage in the future. This solution is within everyone’s reach and is inexpensive. However, care must be taken to choose a pencil of the same color as the car. Then apply it, holding the object firmly. All you have to do is wait for it to dry.

A scratch eraser is also recommended as an effective product for repairing scratched car bodywork. It is used to plug and mask small and medium traces of jamming. Simply apply it with a cloth to the area to be repaired and leave to dry for about thirty minutes. Finally, be sure to polish the product well using a dry, clean and soft cloth.

The use of a sandblasting gun is necessary if the scratch is deep. The device allows you to strip paint chips or rust for a quality repair. Then consider applying a pencil or scratch eraser. Once the product is dry, simply buff with a dry, clean, soft cloth and you’re done.

What to do in case of dented bodywork?

Your body may be dented following an impact. It is within your reach to do the dent removal, provided that the damage is not major.

insurance By using a suction cup, you can suck up the bump in order to straighten your bodywork. To get a better hold of the suction cup on the dented area, consider using a lubricant such as petroleum jelly . If you can’t do it all at once, repeat the process several times until you’re satisfied.

By using a hair dryer, you can also achieve the straightening of your car body. This is because the heat helps to expand the metal . You must then heat the area to be treated by setting the hair dryer to the maximum temperature. Once the bodywork is fairly malleable, all you have to do is straighten it and cool everything down using a compressed air spray or quite simply cold water.

If the dent is accessible from inside the body, you can also use a hammer to knock out the dented area. However, you have to be careful with this method, because you risk aggravating the damage if you are not careful. The best is to choose a rubber mallet and to proceed by small blows close together.

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