How to choose the right paint color for your car

How to choose the right paint color for your car


The color of a car might seem like one of the least important decisions when you’re looking for a new ride, but it’s not as trivial a concern as it seems. The color of your car is not just an aesthetic concern, but a practical one. There’s quite a bit of science and reason in determining which paint color will work best for your vehicle, so consider the following before selecting a shade for your next purchase.

1. Black is a chore

No paint color will look more stunning on the sidewalk than a freshly washed and waxed black. But the truth is, your own car is more likely to look like a ball of dust than an intimidating matte black Nissan, 350 Z. Dirt and debris are easier to see on black paint, so if you’re going to do a black paint job, walk in knowing that you’re going to have to wash and polish your car at least once a week. It may be worth it for the most aesthetically pleasing, but it’s far from practical.

2. Yellow Love

It sounds like an urban legend, but it’s a scientific fact: insects are more attracted to yellow cars . The reason is simple: many flying insects, such as bees, can see the color yellow, but cannot process many other colors. Unfortunately, the average bee can’t tell the difference between your lemon-yellow Honda Fit and a delicious flower. Insects looking for nectar will collide with your vehicle resulting in a sticky mess. Skip the yellow if you live in an area particularly prone to insects.

3. White will make you pay

According to recent estimates, 19% of all traffic citations in the United States are attributed to white cars , which is considerably more than the color people most associate with speeding: red cars. Whatever the reason, a quarter of drivers choose white cars, to account for only nearly a fifth of speeding tickets. If you’re wary of tickets or tend to go a bit over the speed limit, avoid white paint jobs.

4. Style or function?

Not all automotive paints cost the same. Some paints, especially special colors limited to a single make or model of car, will cost significantly more than a common color like tan or gray. It’s not just about super high-end paint jobs like custom paint, Mercedes (costing $12,000). Many cars offer special or custom paint options which, while attractive, can drive up the price of the vehicle. When price is a major concern, look at your various color options to see which is the cheapest. You could end up saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars.