Which washing method should you choose for your car

Which washing method should you choose for your car


Your car needs regular washing to preserve its original appearance. To do this, there are several methods, each with its own characteristics and advantages. Between high pressure washing, automatic washing, roller washing or hand washing, how do you choose? To help you, discover the details of each method in the following file.

High pressure washing

High-pressure car washing is recommended for quick and effective cleaning . It is also acclaimed for roughing out before thoroughly washing your vehicle. The use of a hot water high-pressure cleaner is recommended to clean certain details such as bumpers or underbody in a precise manner. Despite the strong pressure exerted by the water jet, the paint is not altered. You can even re-spray the dirtiest parts for better results.

The use of suitable detergent is also recommended if you want to remove all traces of grease on the bodywork . For the rims, you can wipe with a sponge after washing with a high-pressure jet for complete cleaning. Indeed, it is important to completely remove the traces of dust which become encrusted and scratch the varnish. However, be careful not to direct the high pressure jet towards the engine. This may cause damage to electronic and electrical circuits. If your body has paint chips , high-pressure cleaning is not a good idea, it may make the case worse.

Automatic washing

Automatic washing is a convenient and quick solution . All you have to do is drop off your vehicle at the car wash or service station, then pick it up sparkling and clean. However, you should know that some car washes only accept certain types of car . In general, soft-top models are not eligible for automatic washing.

roller washing

Roller washing is the most popular method because it’s effortless, cleans up quickly, and is the least expensive . However, before choosing this car cleaning technique, you should consider that the rollers may scratch your paint if it is fragile. This is due to the fibers of the brushes used, but also to their frequent passages at the level of the bodywork to ensure cleanliness. Some cleaning stations now favor less aggressive brush roll models. These are models with felt eyelashes that avoid scratches.

Hand washing

Manual washing remains an ideal solution if you want to achieve an impeccable result. However, it takes time and requires physical effort on your part . You should also bring certain products and accessories such as a bucket of water, sponges, a soft-bristled brush, chamois leather, cloths, special bodywork shampoo, window cleaner, rubber restorer and cleaner. special rims.

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