Tips for choosing the right scooter

Tips for choosing the right scooter


Buying a scooter offers many daily advantages, namely better accessibility in terms of driving, a more economical solution, but also driving pleasure in complete safety. If you are looking for the model that will adapt to your needs, here are some tips for choosing a scooter.

The number of tires

Who says scooter does not necessarily say a two-wheeler. True, the latter is the most common version of the scooter. However, the 4-wheel scooter is an excellent alternative for traveling comfortably on any type of road. It offers better stability and thus ensures more safety by minimizing the risk of falling. Also, a four-wheeled scooter provides more ride comfort. It is suitable for all types of roads, even if it is much larger than a two-wheeler.

Tire size

Regardless of the number of wheels you choose for your scooter, you also have the choice between a model with small or large wheels. To gain maneuverability and be able to navigate nimbly in traffic jams, choose small wheels. On the other hand, to gain in comfort and stability, nothing beats wide wheels, even if they weigh down the vehicle.

Motorization and permits

vietnam-motorcyclesFor a scooter, you have the choice between three engine classes: 125cc, less than 125cc and more than 125cc. The first two cases do not require a specific license if you are in possession of a B license with more than two years of use. Otherwise, you must hold a Road Safety Certificate or BSR and a Road Safety School Certificate or ASSR for 50cc models. For 125cc scooters an AL or A1 license is required. And finally, for models over 125 cm3, a motorcycle license must be passed.

But which engine to choose in this case? If you plan to use your vehicle for short distances, a 50cc model is more than enough. If you plan to commute to work by scooter, a 125 cc engine or more is necessary. It is the same if you use your machine to have a passenger, to drive on the highway or to go on a device.

storage capacity

The ability of a scooter to accommodate business can be an essential selection criterion. In general, this type of vehicle has a trunk under the saddle, but its size depends on the model of scooter. At least make sure you can store your helmet in it . For the storage of more substantial personal effects, you can always add a top case. Otherwise, if you often plan to transport objects on your scooter, be sure to choose a model with a flat floor.


In the field of scooters, the offer is vast in terms of design. There is something for almost all tastes and for all styles, from the most futuristic to vintage models, passing through the most imposing models or the slightly more sporty models.