Driving license: the most common categories

Driving license: the most common categories


There are several types of driving license in France and in several other countries. Each category allows you to drive vehicles of different types. That said, to obtain a driver’s license, you must pass the highway code by driving the vehicle that falls into the category in question. This test can be done in a single session but it is also possible to have to pass an off-road test as well as an in-road test. It totally depends on the vehicle you have to drive when you get your license.

Driving license for light vehicles

The secure driving license represents a format that comes in the form of a paper document. It is a plastic card of 8.5 cm by 5.4 cm and it is part of the official documents having been harmonized between all the States of the European Union. You can request a secure driving license on X’Press Formalit├ęs .

The Road Safety Certificate, or BSR represents a driving license which allows the driving of 2 or 3-wheeled vehicles. The latter are equipped with an engine and have a displacement that is less than or equal to 50 cm3.

When you have to pass the Road Safety Certificate, you absolutely have to pay. Its price depends on the rates that are applied by the training establishment you choose.

The category A driving license offers all drivers over the age of 24 the possibility of driving motorized two-wheeled vehicles with or without a sidecar. The owner of this type of license must have validated the A2 license for at least 2 years.

The B license is also accessible from the age of 18 and offers its owner the possibility of driving cars, vans or motor homes. But this under different conditions. The vehicle you drive with this type of license must not accommodate more than 9 seated passengers and its authorized load weight must not exceed 3.5 t. The GVW must include the weight of the empty vehicle, the maximum load of goods as well as the maximum weight of the driver and all passengers.

The B1 licence, also called a simplified licence, offers you the possibility of picking up and driving heavy quadricycles. To be able to request this type of document, you must pass a theoretical exam.

Permits for heavy goods vehicles and public transport vehicles

The C driving license is made for people who are over 18 years old and for those who hold a B license. The C1 allows you to drive a vehicle used for the transport of goods. And when you are 21, it is possible to pass the C license for driving heavy goods vehicles with trailers.

The D license is accessible to those who are over 21 years old and who have a B license. The D1 category offers you the possibility of driving vehicles which are made to transport a maximum of 16 passengers. These types of cars must not exceed 8 meters in length.